A journey of a thousand miles…

A journey of a thousand miles….

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You are there

In every hi-five, in every b’day celebration, every potluck party,
Sitting right beside us in ccd asking for treat with a puppy face.
In every class, sleeping with open eyes,
Pulling my hair, teasing me, pinging me just when I need to talk.
In every bug I get in my computer, in every tech discussion,
Every time I get a spam from 160by2.
In all the site visits and field trips, clicking photos,
Always smiling, always online, always there.
In every tear I try my best to hold, wishing you to come back.

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Drowning- Death traps near Bangalore

Post by Vishesh Gupta:

Drowning- Death traps near Bangalore

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Tale of the Vanquished- Asura


There are hundreds of tribal people near Amravati who worship Ravana on the eve of Dusshera when most of us burn effigy of Ravana and with it try to kill the evil inside us. But what is good and what is bad. Isn’t it all about perspective? Anand in his book ‘Asura’ not only gives us a different point of view but in the process teaches us many life lessons. The time has rolled from Tretayug to Kalyug but things have not changed much.

The book starts with Ravana’s childhood when he and his family lived in miserable conditions. But his ambition led him to Mahabali and soon he became the king of Lanka. We see how sudden rise of wealth and power brings with it ego and arrogance in a person. The narration shows amazing contrast alternating the point of view of the king, Ravana and a common man, Bhadra. Bhadra was a family man, who joined Ravana’s army to take revenge from devas.

The best part about the book is that the author has not tried to glorify Ravana, he Is just trying to question the present beliefs and norms. He is challenging the deva culture that we follow; where we worship women as goddesses but at the same time whittle her talents, accomplishments, hopes and dreams.

Asuras tried to have egalitarian and democratic system and that became one of the reasons for their downfall. By the time they had discussions and came to a conclusion, devas had already taken action. But even monarchy is flawed, what if the ruler becomes a tyrant. The caste system was introduced to end all the competitiveness; instead it took away the freedom of people and increased the gap between rich and poor.

Ravan’s analysis of each character after their death is simply brilliant. It tells us that life is not just.  By the time we think of the many ways in which an unfortunate incident could be avoided, it is too late and life does not give second chance. Ravana was defeated because of the betrayal of his own brother and friends, he says, “I had powerful friends but when the need arose, I was all alone. I thought my empire was built on steel. But when the shove came, I found out it had been built on nothing but straw. Whoever I trusted betrayed me. I was so proud of my intelligence, so how did I commit such fundamental mistakes in judging people?”

There might be some diversion from the facts but it is an interesting read. The author has done a commendable job in his debut novel. I say this because we all know the story and climax beforehand yet we remain glued to the book.

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I believe in angels, but I call them my best friends

It’s blurry already before I have penned anything,

It’s hard to believe waking up and not finding you in the wing.


It all started with an awkward knock at the door,

And slowly the excuses to chat increased more and more.

We spoke of family, friends and our little secrets,

And knew not when the night passed like a jet.

Jumping in the rain, pulling each other’s leg,

I don’t remember when we became best friends.


That hug just when I needed it,

Or the motivational talk to fix my brain with a brace and a bit.

Such special became our friendship,

That at times we enjoyed doing nothing and sit.

We have reached a level when birthdays are no more surprises,

Together we have lived in a place, which only because of you, I call a home.


You all are different yet similar in a way,

We have laughed, cared, listened or sometimes ended in a fray.


Years will pass and I fear we will grow apart,

There will be new friends but none would know,

How I learnt to walk in high heels, or pair up to make a pretty dress.

How I blushed when you teased, or at times cried like a baby.

These memories are something no one can ever take from me,

Because you are my little family and forever you will remain as special to me.


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To the superwoman!

MotherFrom 5 posts a month I have come down to one post in 5 months. If I wait any longer, it will die. And since today is mother’s day, this post is dedicated to all the moms of the world.

You must have met a lot of women in this world, from CEOs to celebrities but none of them is as wonderful as your mom. You mommie is the most beautiful lady in this world. You never get jealous when you see other’s mom speaking English more fluently or being a very successful lady because no mom in the world can love their child as much as your momma loves you. Your maa makes the best food in the world. When you keep your head in her lap, all worries seem to vanish. When you sleep in her arms, it is the most comforting feeling. When you hug her, you feel as if you are a part of her. You get the best advice from her which comes to your mind exactly when you need it. She does not need flowers or cards to be felt special or blogs to be written on her. She is perfect the way she is.

Motherhood has become synonymous with love. Entrepreneurs call their start up as their baby because they love and nurture it the same way.

There are times when you can’t discuss things with your mum but speaking to her and listening to her voice makes you feel better. There are times when she doesn’t understand what exactly you won the award for but she is the one who is most happy for you. There are times when you don’t tell her you are afraid but somehow she understands and unknowingly motivates you.

To the best mamma in the world who is your best friend, best critic, best teacher, best councellor and the best person in your life.

P.S.: When a guy tells you, you are the second most beautiful lady in the world, you should understand how special you are to him.

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And that’s how I decided to be an entrepreneur…

It was 11 am in the morning. I was in a meeting hall on the first floor of HRI, Allahabad waiting for my turn to come. I was the only girl along with nine boys. For almost an hour no one spoke anything. Every interview took more than half an hour. I felt a little awkward. I am the kind of girl who can’t sit silent for long and back then we didn’t have cell phone.  The boys started talking among themselves.  They were discussing how the particle would do SHM along the axis of earth. I had read about it when I was preparing for my NTSE exam. So I wanted to join the discussion but they were behaving as if I was invisible to them. Just then two girls entered the room. They knew each other. One was wearing leather jacket and boots. She had a long ponytail. Other was wearing a brown blazer, denims and black high heels. She had shoulder length hair which she kept brushing with her fingers every now and then. They looked pretty and elegant. I looked at myself. I had untidy bob cut hair and was wearing sports shoes. I wanted to go speak to those girls but I felt I didn’t belong there. Instead I turned to my left and asked the boy sitting next to me, ‘let’s play something’. He gave me a strange look. And I started regretting what I had said. I was not a kid anymore. I could have asked an intelligent question. There were a thousand other ways to start the conversation. These are all KVPY qualified people. They don’t play. I added,’ a quiz maybe’. He was a tall boy with spectacles who looked a complete nerd. He was wearing sports shoes too. He made a very disgusting expression and said,’Noooooo, quizzes are boring. Let’s play pictionary’. That sounded interesting but I had never heard of it. It was a game where you make pictures/drawings on the board and people had to guess the name like we do in dumb charades.

I got a very easy word and everyone could guess the word. Then the boy, whom I was talking to, went to the board, he made ‘a gate’, ‘a pen’ and ‘a person pointing to other’. I said enter, pen, you. And he said right. I still didn’t get the word. ‘Does anyone of you want to be an entrepreneur?’, the girl with the boots who was sitting in the corner seat of sofa spoke for the first time. And we went on to discuss everything about ‘Entrepreneurship’. Yes we were only in class 10th . The topic started from entrepreneurship to venture capitalist to social entrepreneurship. I was a regular reader of TOI back then and I had read a lot about it in newspaper. The examples of entrepreneurs were all who started with nothing more than what we had. We discussed how 9 to 5 job sucked and sitting in a research Institute decided our country need leaders not researchers. It was 5 pm when my name was called. It was a huge room and three elderly but very smart professors were sitting across the huge table. They asked me, ‘What do you want to become?’ I said, ‘In a country where we have a lot of job seekers, I want to become a job provider. I want to be an entrepreneur.’ For a girl in 10th grade who looked not more than a 6th grade girl telling her dreams to be an entrepreneur. They smiled and went on to ask different theories and innovative questions. I explained them very nicely on the board with different graphs and diagrams. They were impressed. When I sat down on the chair which was a little big for me, they asked me, ‘What do you want to do research in?’ I replied instantly, ’I don’t want to do research, I want to be an entrepreneur’.

I didn’t get the fellowship for research but I had a great time that day and made some really nice friends. I moved out of the institute with an ambition and not an easy one.

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